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Anela Fruits is presenting new products in ALIMENTARIA 2018

Anela Fruits is presenting new products in ALIMENTARIA 2018
Dear Friends of Anela Fruits,
This year, we participate again in the Alimentaria Exhibiton in Barcelona that will take place in the Fira de Barcelona (Gran Via Venue) on 16-17-18 and 19th April. We will be in Hall 2, in our stand F657-02 (Pavilion "Lands of Spain", where you can find different products of companies from all regions of Spain) as an indirect exhibitor of PRODECA (Promotion of Agro food export of Catalonia).

The exhibition will round off more than four decades as a consolidated benchmark space for food industry. For us, it will be it will be a pleasure to present to all our visitors our fruit products Anela Fruits 100% natural and 100% fruit; and present all our news.

As Alimentaria, we also have more than 45 years of history. We are a family company dedicated to the production of fruit (apples and pears) in Girona (Spain). With our home-grown fruit from our plantations, we elaborate our fruit products Anela Fruits 100% natural and 100% fruit. Without added sugar, no conservatives or additives...it is 100% natural fruit with a shelf life of approximately 13 months, suitable for coeliacs, diabetics, babies when they start eating fruit and generally ideal for the whole family.

This year, as a new, we present a new reference combining the apple of Girona with natural carrot; offering an alternative of eating healthy and quality products for our diet. The mixture of apple and carrot allows us to expand our current range of seven references. 

Also as a new, we present a new format focused mainly on childrens. It is Pouche format of 100g. We offer a 100% fruit and 100% natural product which guarantees that our childrens eat fruit which comes from our own orchards and with a full control of traceability of the product. In addition to, we present our bio gama of our products with a limited stock due to characteristics of cultivation and production of bio fruit trees. 

One of our main goals is to offer a product of quality fruit to increase consumption of fruit among us. We know the importance of eating fruit in our diet; and that is why we want to make it easier for the consumer. We want to grow with you, guaranteeing the safety and quality of our products (we have the main international certificates in quality and food safety). Anela Fruits "a spoonful of fruit”, an alternative of eating 100% natural fruit in a comfortable, natural and healthy way.