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Anela Fruits keeps growing with new plantations

Anela Fruits keeps growing with new plantations
The natural products of Anela Fruits are made with apples and pears from our own harvest that we have been cultivating and taking care of during our more than 45 years of history. The fact of cultivating our own fields has letting us have a total control of the traceability of the products and guarantee a natural and high quality product.

This year we have expanded one of our apple fields (Golden an Gala) in Mas Martí in l’Escala, and also he planted new trees in Fornells de la Selva.
In l’Escala, because the proximity to the sea and mountain, the trees grow in an excellent ambient that make the best apples. That’s why we can make our products without adding any extra sugar, and we can offer desserts made 100% of natural fruit from our own harvest.


In Fornells de la Selva the plantation is surrounded of forest, where we can see the Santuari dels Àngels and les Gavarres; and it’s located close where we elaborate our products.

Anela Fruits, “the fruit of spoon” is an innovative product where we take care of all the process, from the tree being planted from its own elaboration. We do everything with a lot of illusion to have the best fields: if you take care of the camp, it will give you good fruit!