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A design change in our image Anela Fruits

A design change in our image Anela Fruits
After 8 years of our beginning in the market with Anela Fruits, we have seen that we need a change in our image. We have actualized our website and our packaging without losing the essence of our brand. We have managed to strengthen some points, and adopt our labeling in the European normative. Therefore, we have to thank the packaging agency EVA MINGUELLA who has redesigned our packaging with very satisfactory results. All these developments, you can see in our website www.anelafruits.com; which has been also actualized thanks to NEORG services. 

We know that every day consumer is becoming more exigent in the quality of products. He wants to know the origin of the products, how is prepared, if it is natural… With this new packaging, we try to answer all the questions of our consumers: 

-    We are producers of pear and apples in an ideal area to cultivate these fruits. 
-    Our fruit dessert ANELA is 100% fruit and 100% natural
-    It is recommended for the whole family
-    We control all the traceability of our product (since the fruit is still on the tree to the final product) 
-    We care about quality
-    Suitable for coeliacs and diabetics 

We are very proud of this new packaging. We have received numerous compliments from our customers and consumers for this new image which they find very attractive and clear about what we are: a familiar company who produces a fruit dessert 100% natural and 100% fruit called Anela Fruits. 

We hope that this new image will help us to enhance the brand and give to the consumer what they want: consuming fruit of quality, natural, healthy, home-made, easy and convenient to eat… A restyling to find new consumers and costumers and reach more easily to the needs of the market!