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Finished harvest, prepared fruit

Finished harvest, prepared fruit
We are finishing October, and that means that we end the fruit campaign!
We are very happy with how it has developed over these months, as we have been able to enjoy an excellent harvest, with plenty of sun and optimal weather conditions without any storms, hail or torrential rains. All this has meant that all the fruit fully retains its natural sugars, a very positive value that directly affects its quality and taste.


So, after all this work done during these months, we can now say that we have everything stored in the cold rooms and well kept to make our fruit desserts Anela Fruits until the new campaign, which we are sure it will turn out great! Are you curious to know how we do this elaboration?
  1. We clean the fruit that arrives at our facilities in order to start the process of making Anela Fruits fruit desserts.
  2. Remove the peel and seeds from the fruit, grind and pasteurize it instantly.
  3. We put the fruit puree in containers, after going through the whole process without adding any dyes, preservatives or added sugars.
  4. We pack it in 100 gram terrines and pouches ready to eat
And we would already have the 100% natural Anela Fruits fruit dessert ;)